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Discipleship Ministries

Outreach Ministry Team

This team provides the congregation with ways to live the ELCA slogan: “God’s Work, Our Hands.” This is accomplished through various community projects such as participation in local food banks, serving food to the homeless community of Richmond, and making donations to needy families during Christmas and Thanksgiving. They also give monetary support to Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry (CCHASM), which provides various services to those in need in the local area. For more information about the organizations we support, click here.

Fellowship Ministry Team

Our members value a close atmosphere of caring at LCOS. The Fellowship Team plans and carries out events throughout the year in order to foster that caring atmosphere. They have hosted Oktoberfest in the fall, Fabulous Fifties Night in the winter, barbeques in the summer, and trips to local Richmond sites.

Evangelism Ministry Team

If the pastor is the “shepherd” of LCOS, then the Evangelism Team can be thought of as the “sheepdogs” of our flock. The Evangelism Team helps the pastor keep members in the flock by encouraging them to become engaged in the ministries of our church. This team assists in greeting new members, visiting shut-ins, and contacting current members. They help assess people’s spiritual needs and gifts, and suggest options available at LCOS that can meet those spiritual needs.

Stewardship Ministry Team

This team encourages members to support the ministries of the congregation, the Virginia Synod, and the churchwide ELCA with their monetary donations. This team also gathers information regarding the God-given talents we have been blessed with, and calls us to use these talents in service, as thanks to our God.