Look Forward & Invest in What Matters

LCOS . . . It’s the right time to look forward and invest in what matters—not just for today, but for years to come!

Thanks to your consistent and generous giving (and PPP funds), we are so very fortunate and excited to be in a position going into the new year with a surplus of approximately $60,000! As such, our Council has recently approved our Finance Committee’s proposal to set aside half of that surplus to a “rainy day” fund and to use the rest ($30,000) as seed money to apply in equal amounts of $10,000 in three significant areas. We are inviting and encouraging the congregation to make donations over and above normal giving to match the seed money as closely as possible.

We will focus on these objectives to be done in three phases:

  1. Pay down the remaining mortgage debt on our building (12/5/21 Update: The Mortgage Reduction fundraiser was a HUGE success! We not only matched the $10,000 seed money but went well beyond, with matching donations totaling $22,880. At the onset of this campaign, our goal was to be debt free in February 2026. With your actual donations, our last mortgage payment will now be June 2024. And, we will be saving approximately $4,557 in interest over the remaining term of the loan. We will realize a savings in expenses of about $23,000 annually when the mortgage is fully paid.)
  2. Replenish and grow our property maintenance fund
  3. Help fund a permanent child/youth director


Beginning this month and through the end of November, we will start the campaign with a pay down of our mortgage. We currently have a mortgage balance of approximately $96,000. With the seed money and the congregation’s matching donations, we will be in a position to shave a year off the payment schedule, anticipating to be debt-free of mortgage in 2025. That pay-off would make approximately $23,000 each year available for use of so many opportunities and ministries!

Early next year, our plan is to tackle the other two objectives mentioned above. As you are aware, we have had a tremendous amount of property maintenance expenses in the last few years. As a result, our property maintenance fund has been depleted. Required maintenance expenses will certainly continue, but we also have a strong desire for improvements to our memorial garden, parking lot lighting and surface, and overall outdoor landscaping. Those additional funds will be put to such good use!

Finally, for a long time, we and our church leaders have been expressing the desire and need to focus attention in the development and growth in faith for our children. The best way to accomplish this is to hire a dedicated child/youth director.  With this seed money and the anticipated matching donations, we would be in the fiscally responsible position of having money to cover the expenses for a director before they are hired.

Please join us on the path to being debt free in four years! It’s the right time for us to look forward and invest in what matters! 

Ways to Donate


Click the button below and make your donation to "Mortgage Reduction"

Offering Plates

Place your donation in our offering plates before or after worship. Please seal your donation in an envelope marked "Mortgage Reduction" (for your convenience, pre-marked envelopes are in the narthex by the bulletin board)

By Mail

Mail your donation to LCOS at 9601 Hull Street Road, North Chesterfield VA 23236. Please seal your donation in an envelope marked "Mortgage Reduction" (for your convenience, pre-marked envelopes are in the narthex by the bulletin board)

Checks should be made payable to Lutheran Church of Our Saviour and designated to “Mortgage Reduction”.

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