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Church Council

Class of 2025

Brittany Bandy

Babs Benson – Vice President

Megan Cheatham – Secretary

Class of 2026

Karen Watkins – President

Bruce Welling

Class of 2027

Tom Haack

Mary Ellen Hassell

Kathryn Pobre

Pat Welling – Treasurer

Council's Corner

Your Church Council meets monthly, usually on the 4th Sunday of each month. The following are just a few highlights from our January meeting. Full meeting minutes are available in the narthex as well as the congregation’s Google Drive folder (member-access only). If you have any questions, please contact a Council member.

  • Worship: LCOS will branch out to worship with the congregations of St. Luke Lutheran Church and Christ the King this year for Holy Week worship. Each church will host a service—tentatively, Maundy Thursday at LCOS, Good Friday at St. Luke, and Easter Vigil at CTK.
  • Ministries: There are 8 ministry teams and 8 Council members. Each member will serve as the liaison for the following ministry teams:
    • Outreach: Karen Watkins
    • Fellowship: Babs Benson
    • Finance: Bruce Welling
    • Learning & Education (Children & Young Families): Megan Cheatham
    • Preschool: Brittany Bandy
    • Worship & Music: Kathryn Pobre
    • Stewardship: Mary Ellen Hassell
    • Property: Tom Haack
  • Finance: There was some discussion about having an audit for our finances. Pastor will check on some recommendations with sister congregations about the frequency of audits, and the process of internal vs. external audits. She will report back.
  • Nursery: Ileana resigned by email two weeks ago. The Council voted on keeping the job description as posted when we hired her. There are some interested parties.