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Church Council

Class of 2024

Dan French

Earl Shaffer – Vice President

Richmond Zehmer – President

Class of 2025

Brittany Bandy

Babs Benson

Megan Cheatham – Secretary

Class of 2026

Karen Watkins

Bruce Welling


David Schumann – Treasurer

Council's Corner

Your Church Council meets monthly, usually on the 4th Sunday of each month. The following are just a few highlights from our August meeting. Full meeting minutes are available in the narthex as well as the congregation’s Google Drive folder (member-access only). If you have any questions, please contact a Council member.

  • Preschool enrollment is the same at 25 students. (Capacity is about 36 kids.) Everything is ready for parent night Wednesday, August 30 and open house on Thursday, August 31. The new 2’s teacher is ready. The welcome cards from the congregation will be passed out next week.
  • In May, we had 69 giving units; 76 in June; and in July, we had 71. There were around 99 people in attendance this past Sunday.
  • Kayleigh is working on downloading the new Church CRM program. Once this step is complete, Stacy will download hers. This change will make the treasurer’s job easier as well.
  • The housing development near the church had another meeting Tuesday night at St. Luke’s Methodist at 7 p.m. All the entrances and exits will be right off of Hull Street, and they are decreasing the number of dwellings from apartments to townhomes.
  • Susan recently had the handbells cleaned (this has never been done, but should be done about every ten years) and need to be maintained. A quote of $3,700 was given. The Craft Fair Committee may be donating some money toward this. This maintenance will be done after the first of the year so a discount can be used. Council will be asking the congregation to make donations and is trying to plan how to budget for this maintenance in 2024 so the cost is not so much upfront.
  • Kenny will get 4 Sundays off a year with pay, starting next year.
  • Kayleigh will get paid for jury duty if she needs to serve next year. The limit on this payment period will be one month. In the event that this time exceeds one month, an emergency Council meeting will be called.