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Church Council

Class of 2025

Brittany Bandy

Babs Benson – Vice President

Class of 2026

Karen Watkins – President

Bruce Welling

Class of 2027

Tom Haack

Mary Ellen Hassell

Kathryn Pobre – Secretary

Pat Welling – Treasurer

Council's Corner

Your Church Council meets monthly, usually on the 4th Sunday of each month. The following are just a few highlights from our March meeting. Full meeting minutes are available in the narthex as well as the congregation’s Google Drive folder (member-access only). If you have any questions, please contact a Council member.

  • Finances: Pastor Becca received feedback from area Lutheran churches regarding audit practices. One local church will share the name of an outside company they use. Two other churches are interested in either doing an audit swap or sharing the cost of an external audit.
  • Policies & Procedures: Council reviewed and approved an updated draft of the Child Protection Policy discussed at the last meeting. Pastor will review next steps for sharing this with the full congregation and ensuring volunteers sign.
  • Council Resignation: Megan Cheatham resigned from council effective March 17. According to the church constitution, Council can appoint a replacement member to serve out the year. Potential candidates were discussed, and outreach will be conducted. Kathryn Pobre was elected as the new Council Secretary.
  • Insurance: Tom Haack and Gail Kimpfler will meet with Sanford Insurance Agency to discuss insurance quotes. They will also meet with the church’s current insurer, Church Mutual, to discuss options for lowering the projected premium and deductible increases for the coming year.
  • Technology: Council discussed issues Kayleigh and Stacy have identified with our current Church Management System. Alternatives were discussed and will be looked at more closely. Council discussed the implications of Payment Card Industry Compliance and agreed to pay the fee for the time being until an Information Security Policy appropriate for LCOS can be developed. Council also discussed the need for a policy for the Square card reader to track where it is and who is using it. Babs Benson will lead the effort on a first draft.